Often deemed as an excellent therapeutic activity, gardening is something I thoroughly enjoy. Over the past year, I have been inspired by numerous gardening programmes, pictures and videos which have caused me to start putting it into practice. From buying seeds, nurturing and planting them and finally watching them grow into magnificent plants, it has been an incredibly enjoyable and purposeful activity.

I have not felt the stress of needing to make my garden into something truly magnificent, instead it is like a sanctuary of what I have achieved and hope to achieve in the future. I do however pride myself in what I have created and hope that I can continue making it into something I am happy to look at.

Throughout the past year, my garden has been visited by a number of creatures which I joy to view from my window: bees pollinating, butterfly’s fluttering and birds singing. Unfortunately, there has been the odd snail or slug but I remind myself that they too deserve to live and have as much of a right to live there as any other animal (this is extremely hard)!

If you have even the slightest thoughts of gardening, I urge you to act on them. My garden is somewhere I love to sit and admire everything around me: it is like an escape. Although there will be various hindrances which deter you from maintaining your garden, like the cold weather, keep remembering the end goal of creating something you are excited and proud to look at. Remember, your garden is not something that needs to be stressed over, its main aim is to give you an extra space to escape to and even if you perhaps do not have a garden, flowers and indoor plants inside the house are a great alternative!